Sandman Microdentistry is a Danish innovative company which markets and sells all Sandman Futura, which is an innovative medical air abrasion device for the best minimal invasive treatment.


    • To deliver the best solution for gentle dental care – minimal invasive treatment or micro-dentistry.
    • Ensuring patient and customer satisfaction. Improving patient outcome and reducing cost of care by providing innovative ,value adding and reliable products for minimally invasive treatment.
  • We wish to become the preferred manufacturer of dental air abrasion & polishing equipment for practicing dentists world around.

Sandman Futura air abrasion treatment system was developed by a Danish dentist Dr. Ove Rasmussen who understood the great advantages of using air abrasion for dental caries treatment instead of traditional drilling. He developed new innovative technologies which has made air abrasion the absolute best way of performing minimal invasive caries treatment. These new technologies are implemented in Sandman Futura.

Quality Policies: Our customers demand high quality products. We know it is our company’s responsibility to comply with and high quality is the foundation of our strategy for success and future growth.

Product Safety: Sandman follows all appropriate regulation and standards to achieve the goal of safe products and services. Product development at Sandman begins with close customer consultation as well as determination of regulatory and statutory requirements.

The evolving product designs are realized in state of the art technology quality tests are based on internationally recognized standards to ensure high product quality and patients safety.


Caries is still a general phenomenon and despite 30 years of fluoride addition to toothpaste it has not been possible yet to eradicate caries. The caries level globally is on a downward trend towards a more stable level. The level for 12-year-old children is according to DMFT¹ on average 1.61 (measured in 188 countries in 2004 cf. WHO², where in Denmark by comparison the figure is 0.80 and USA 1.19. The figures are still huge, for this age alone more than 200 mio. caries affected teeth, extracted because of caries or with amalgam fillings, which, if they are not treated will disable thousands of people, affect the environment and be a cost to the global community amounting to billions.

Dental treatment with air abrasion equipment had its beginning in the 1940’s in USA invented by dentist Robert Black and the first commercial product Airdent was launched by the company SS White.

Air abrasion didn’t as expected become the innovative technology that revolutionised the dental market. During the same period another completely different product was launched and despite the noise and smell, the high-speed air turbine became the clear winner even though the turbine removes more than necessary healthy tooth matter. The global penetration of the high-speed air turbine was confirmed throughout the next decades – a must have for any dentist.

The air abrasion technology was re-launched onto the American market in the late 80’s. The technology had improved and the product range and suppliers were in steady growth throughout the 90’s. In 1999 14 different air abrasion products were identified from a total of 12 suppliers in the USA alone.

The method has throughout the years become very popular in the US where approx. 1/4 of all American dentists have purchased equipment. The determining breakthrough, however, never arrived. It has not been possible to achieve a general acceptance in the European market either. The lack of breakthrough can mainly be attributed to the large use of powder, and the increased amount of dust particles in the clinic because of this.

The problem of controlling overspray from the product made many dentists abandon the use of the equipment, as the patient, the dentist and the surrounding area was ‘covered in dust’ during the treatment. These dust problems are due to the technology used, where aluminium oxide powder is blown through a fine nozzle. The air stream is created via a compressor past an individual chamber from where the powder due to vacuum is drawn out. The efficiency’ the drilling ability’ is created by increasing the speed of the air stream through an increased exertion of pressure. The biggest problem concerning these products is an extremely high pressure of up to 12,000 hPA in order to get the equipment to work at its best. In order to lessen the overspray problem several manufacturers now add atomizers to the treatment, which helps against surround dust, but unfortunately also ‘sticks’ the aluminium oxide to the whole of the mouth of the patient and reduces the adhesion ability of the filling during treatment.

In 1998 dentist Ove Rasmussen invented an air abrasion method, whereby the use of powder as well as the working pressure could be reduced. Having founded Sandman ApS in the beginning of 2001 aided by NOVI Innovation the method was patented and a development of an instrument was begun. Sandman Dental ApS replaced the mobile unit developed in 2001 with SANDMAN Futura in 2006. This is a simplified and combined fixed and mobile unit without electronics, but solely pneumatically operated. The technology has been refined in this version.

SANDMAN™ Futura; use another technological platform than its competitors. The patented technology makes it possible to control the mix of air/aluminium oxide ratio at low pressure of 1800-5000 hPA reducing the dust problems significantly at the same time. The technology is functional and has throughout the last 7 years treated thousands of patients without side effects and overspray.