Delivery & installation




The outer packaging is removed and the unit is carefully lifted away from the packaging material. Do not use sharp tools that can scratch the unit.

Please ensure that the following components are present when unpacking the unit.

Amount: Description:
1 SANDMAN™ Futura w/ hand piece hoses.
1 Foot pedal unit and 4 mm air hose for connection to compressor.
1 Hand piece tip ø5, 60º, attached
1 Hand piece tip ø6, 80º, attached
1 Nozzle cleaner for hand piece
10 Protective covers
2 Safety glasses
1 box Containing: Futura aluminium oxide powder 3 disposable cups of 29 µm, 3 disposable cups of 45 µm
4 Mounting screws type: T-10 torx notch
1 User guide
1 DVD with instructions
1 16 mm aspirator tube with tip

Order form for extra angle pieces bits and Futura powder is enclosed.

Installation and assembly
It is important always to take into account the most ergonomic and correct positioning of the SANDMAN™ Futura, so it can be within easy reach of dentist.
If it is not immediately feasible to position the SANDMAN™ Futura unit on the dental chair column by using the three-point swing arm, one should always attempt to sell a floor standing unit with wheels as shown in the illustration.

Position SANDMAN™ Futura in the room where it is to be used.
Ensure prior to installation that the clinic is equipped with an aspirator of normal strength (min. 25 l/min) and that the compressor is able to deliver dry and clean air at a min. 30 l/min to the SANDMAN™ Futura.
Fit the unit in an upright position to the swing arm which should be fitted to a pillar, floor stand or table stand with the matching screws. Then connect the food pedal’s hose to the unit. Air will be supplied via the Press-T quick coupling inside the unit by cutting the air hose behind the throttle// and air filter, so that only dry and clean air is used.

When fitting the unit onto the lamp casing an aesthetic solution is achieved by drilling a hole into the lamp casing behind the bracket and then feeding the air hose through as a hidden installation.

Start up
Fit the disposable powder cups in the correct side Left hand side: 29 μm (White lidded cup) – Right hand side: 45 μm (Black lidded cup) or 120 my (white lidded and labelled cup).

Check that the hand pieces supplied and prefitted to the device hoses have been fitted correctly, and ensure that the knob has been set to the hand piece to be tested. Test in a dust cabinet or plastic bag.




User Guide

Autoclave the hand piece tips before using the unit on patients. The hand pieces should be autoclaved or spirit disinfected daily between each use.

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Delivery & installation

The outer packaging is removed and the unit is carefully lifted away from the packaging material. Do not use sharp tools that can scratch the unit.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Use only a slightly damp cloth when cleaning the casing. Too much liquid could mean that it will penetrate the powder cup and cause it to cake. This damage is not covered by the warranty.

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Check that the powder selector/knob on the front panel has been activated correctly. Advise the customer that it is advisable for both patient and user/assistant to wear dustproof eyewear while the equipment is in use.

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