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No. Description Price in EURO Pieces
71001 Sandman Futura I 2,590.00
71205 Hand piece tip 29 μm, 70 degrees 88.00
71206 Hand piece tip 45 μm, 70 degrees 88.00

Sandman Futura unit comes along with 2 tips.
It is a good idea to have an extra set of tips to use so you have a set available while you possible are sterilizing the used tip(s).

71210 Al. oxide powder 6x40 gram, 29 μm 33.60
71211 Al. oxide powder 6x40 gram, 45 μm 33.60
71212 Al. oxide powder 120x40 gram, 29 μm 630.00
71213 Al. oxide powder 120x40 gram, 45 μm 630.00
71214 Cleaning powder 6x40 gram 33.60
71215 Cleaning powder 300 gram 28.00
71216 2 powder bottles 29 μm + 45 μm + 2 cups 49.00
71217 Bottle 400 gram 29 μm + 1 cup 25.50
71218 Bottle 400 gram 45 μm + 1 cup 25.50
71219 1 powder cup 3.00

As shown over/beneath the powder comes in 2 different particle sizes 29 μm and 45 μm for caries abrasion and also optional cleaning powder. The powder comes normally in disposable cups containing each 40 gram which normally is enough for 15-25 treatments, if using for deeper caries will be fewer treatments. Now it is also possible to purchase the powder in economic bottles containing 400 gram which is similar to 10 refills.

Service Accessories
71220 2" pole mount 2-section dental arm 130.00
71221 V-Floor stand with wheels 290.00
71222 Single LCD 1,5" pole free stand 130.00
71224 Table stand 80.00

There are 3 optional ways of mounting the Sandman unit to the dental unit.

  • On a 2 section dental arm which is attached to the pole on the dental unit. When the unit is not in use it can be pushed aside and all time be easy accessible. This is our recommended mounting solution but in many cases the dental unit is already occupied by several other dental equipment devices and this option is not more available.
  • On a table stand which can be placed on a mobile tray. In this way the Sandman unit is optional for more dental units.
  • Often the clinics choose to mount on the floor stand with wheels so it is easy accessible/removable all time. Here the Sandman unit is also available for more dental units.

Within EU-countries VAT will be added with 25% if you don't provide us with a valid VAT company number.

If you order minimum 2 Sandman Futura units we will deduct 5% from the total.

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