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Autoclave the hand piece tips before using the unit on patients.

The hand pieces should be autoclaved or spirit disinfected daily between each use. This is to ensure the disinfection of the unit. Use a conventional autoclave method (121º for 25 min.)

The high performance aspirator is fitted with a 16 mm or 11 mm cannula to remove the Futura powder from the mouth of the patient. Follow the angle of the movement of the powder. It may be possible to combine the high performance aspirator with a lesser-powered aspirator so 2 cannulas are used.
The aspirator must always work at its optimum.

The hand piece nozzle tip
In order to carry out precision work, is very important that the nozzle tip is whole and intact. It is then possible to carry out contact drilling where the nozzle head actually rests against the tooth. If handled incorrectly or with prolonged use the nozzle head can suffer wear as seen on the photo.

The accuracy of the aluminium oxide jet will in that case be much reduced and this can only be improved by replacing the hand piece with a new. Replacements should be carried out every second year.

Hand pieces
All hand piece tips can be autoclaved and can be supplied in 4 versions.
The hand piece angle to use depends on where in the mouth cavity the treatment is carried out.

Prior to fitting a sterile/spirit disinfected nozzle tip it is recommended to use compressed air to blow through it in the opposite direction to the flow. Thus the moisture from the auto claving cannot come in contact with the Futura aluminium oxide powder and block the nozzle.

If the nozzles are blocked the nozzle tip should be removed and air from the unit should be blown through them in the opposite direction. If this doesn’t sort the problem, the enclosed SANDMAN™ Futura nozzle cleaner should be used to loosen the blockage in the tip.

Replenishing of powder
The powder cups are disposable and contain 40 g of specially manufactured Futura aluminium oxide or calcium carbonate.

The empty powder container is easily replaced by a new one and it is only original disposable cups, which can be fitted to the SANDMAN™ Futura, thus guaranteeing the best possible quality from the supplier.

Stepless foot pedal / accelerator
The drilling speed is pressure adjusted via the stepless foot pedal. By pressing the pedal down, the pressure rises – by easing off the pedal, the pressure falls and if the pedal is completely released, the pressure drops completely in the same manner as when using an accelerator. After stopping, powder will continue for 2.5 seconds through the nozzle tip, in order to avoid a bacteria build up in the system. Increasing the pressure means increased drilling speed / faster work. At reduced working pressure the treatment becomes more soft / more gentle. A correct setting of the Hpa – pressure is carried out by starting out at a lower value than that required and then gradually increasing it until the required value has been reached.

As security against over pressure, a built in safety valve in the unit ensures that pressure above 5000 hPa ± 10% will be pressure released automatically.




User Guide

Autoclave the hand piece tips before using the unit on patients. The hand pieces should be autoclaved or spirit disinfected daily between each use.

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Delivery & installation

The outer packaging is removed and the unit is carefully lifted away from the packaging material. Do not use sharp tools that can scratch the unit.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Use only a slightly damp cloth when cleaning the casing. Too much liquid could mean that it will penetrate the powder cup and cause it to cake. This damage is not covered by the warranty.

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Check that the powder selector/knob on the front panel has been activated correctly. Advise the customer that it is advisable for both patient and user/assistant to wear dustproof eyewear while the equipment is in use.

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