SANDMAN™ Futura can be delivered for both purposes either purely as an abrasion unit with particle sizes of 29 & 45 µm or as a combined abrasion and polishing unit with 29 µm aluminium oxide powder and 120 µm calcium carbonate powder. Please notify the required combination when ordering, so the correct powder can be enclosed.

Sandman Microdentistry is inviting dealers to distribute the product range from Sandman Microdentistry. If an agreement can be reached we offer:

  • Exclusively distribution agreement
  • All customer leads will be handed over to dealer
  • Support in marketing and sales e.g. clinic poster, patient poster, brochures, sales manual, website in your language to generate customer leads.
  • Strong brand with documented results and recommendations from leading experts in dental sector.

A Sandman Futura unit comes with following components included:

Amount: Description:
1 SANDMAN™ Futura w/ hand piece hoses.
1 Foot pedal unit and 4 mm air hose for connection to compressor.
1 Hand piece tip ø5, 70º, attached
1 Hand piece tip ø6, 70º, attached
1 Nozzle cleaner for hand piece
10 Protective covers
2 Safety glasses
1 box Containing: Futura aluminium oxide powder 3 disposable cups of 29 µm, 3 disposable cups of 45 µm
4 Mounting screws type: T-10 torx notch
1 User guide
1 DVD with instructions
1 16 mm aspirator tube with tip